Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer This Festive Season

Who needs 3 wise men with frankincense, myrrh and gold when you can have a veritable Hair Goddess blessing us with pearls of wisdom from the Divine Book of Blow Dry?

Gina Conway, founder and director of the multi-award winning Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, is here to spill the T on how to extend the life of your blow dry.

Follow her tips and  you’ll be turning heads from one Christmas do to another.


  1. Night Time: The Loose Pony Tail


No need to stress about messing up your tresses in bed – here’s how to keep your blow dry in tact during your beauty sleep:

“Put a loose pony tail high at the top of your head to avoid any perspiration getting into your hair during the night”, says Gina, “Dampness is the ENEMY of blow dries – a pony tail will keep you cooler and help maintain volume. A loose pony tail is best so you don’t wake up with a ring in your hair.”

“Here’s another little secret… sleep on a silk pillow. Silk doesn’t have the same amount of rub as linen, and it’ll keep you cooler. Plus it’s better for your skin, too!”

We’ll be upgrading our boudoir ASAP.

Gina Conway in her salon with a client
Gina in action


  1. Day Two: Dry Shampoo

“The day after your blow dry it should still be in pretty good shape but on Day Two a little dry shampoo will work wonders. Simply add a little to your roots and rub it in. It’ll make you hair smell gorgeous too! If you have longer hair and it feels a bit brittle, soften it with some dry conditioner – it’s just a fine mist you can spray on, let it sit on your hair to work it’s magic. It’ll add extra shine too.”

No dry shampoo at hand? Talcum powder can also do the trick.


  1. Love is in the Aer(osol)

“It’s best to avoid liquid hairsprays as they’ll weigh your hair down and once it’s on you can’t really manipulate your hair anymore. I always advise clients to use an aerosol hairspray – we use Aveda which simply has the best hairspray: no COCs, environmental friendly and it’s got memory so you can brush your hair and it’ll bounce back into shape. It also acts as a deterrent for moisture, and like I said moisture is the enemy!”


Bonus tip: Go easy on flicking and touching your hair. Yes it’s gorgeous and soft and shiny and “OMG!” and you’ll want to do that cover girl thing but the more you touch it the greasier and limp it’ll get. Love it with your eyes.


Follow these tips and you’ll easily add a day or two to the life of your festive blow dry.  Happy holidays!


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